I wanted to build a fully remotable LZ1AQ Active Antenna controller with off the shelf components. It is very cheap to buy ESP8266 MCUs and multi-channel relay boards online. Why reinvent the wheel? This project can be easily adapted to control remote antenna switches and other devices that can be controlled with relays.

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Part Number Description QTY
NodeMCU V2 Microcontroller with ESP8266 1
N/A 4 Channel Relay Module (Active Low) 1
RM2055M Hammond Enclosure (50 mm x 140 mm x 190 mm) 1
HC-6 Adhesive PCB Supports 8
BK/HTB-24M-R Fuse Holder 5mm x 20mm 1
5MF 300-R Fuse 300 mA 5mm x 20mm 10
N/A DC Connector of your choice 1
N/A Panel Mount Micro USB Extension 1
PGSD-8 Cable Grommet 1
N/A Hookup Wire Lots
N/A Dupont Jumpers Wires Lots

I used PC Motherboard standoffs and screws to rest the power inserter in the enclosure. It is not mounted permanently to allow easy removal of the front panel.

LZ1AQ Documentation

1 0 0 Loop A
0 1 0 Loop B
1 1 0 A + B
0 0 1 Vertical

Note: My code has pin 1 inverted so Loop A is in the Normally Closed position. This allows the loop to function in A mode with no power applied to the MCU or relay board.

LZ1AQ FAQ: Can the antenna switching be performed digitally?