Loop Controller

LZ1AQ Loop Controller

I wanted to build a fully remotable LZ1AQ Active Antenna controller with off the shelf components. It is very cheap to buy ESP8266 MCUs and multi-channel relay boards online. Why reinvent the wheel? This project can be easily adapted to control remote antenna switches and other devices that can be controlled with relays. View on Github Wiring Diagram Usage Navigate to http://loopcontroller.local/ Auxiliary Relay Relay 4 connects to pin D1 (GPIO 5)...

October 16, 2020 · 2 min · Anthony Di Iorio

LZ1AQ Loop Installed

Finally had some time to install the loop outside. I was very impressed with it when I had it in prototype form indoors, but moving it outside really made a huge difference. The noise floor dropped, and sensitivity went through the roof on higher bands. There are signals I hear on the loop that don’t exist on my transmit antenna. Enclosure Parts Part Number Description QTY E987N-CAR Carlon PVC Junction Box - 4x4x4 Inches 1 CCLP-200-B5 Carlon Schedule 40 PVC Conduit Clamps 2 In 2 VENT-PS1YGY-N8001 Amphenol Vent With Nut 1 5309 221 Altech CABLE FDTHRU 7-16MM PG21 (Ethernet) 1 7211 856 Altech PG21 Locknut (Ethernet) 1 5308 920 Altech CABLE FDTHRU 2....

October 15, 2020 · 1 min · Anthony Di Iorio